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An online video tour of Sacramento
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Tribute to Sacramento Filmmaker Frank Casanova

Sacramento Music Spotlight: Ken Koenig - "Winter of Innocence"

Ken Koenig has performed in the Sacramento area throughout this century with a mix of familiar covers and his own originals. His soulful rock style is easy to absorb with an emphasis on melodic lyrics. "Winter of Innocence" has the feel of a modern sensual ballad. It was released on his third album The Organic Life in 2012. His latest album, Falworth, was released in 2019. Ken's music has multi-generational appeal, especially for people who enjoy pop/rock music from the sixties and seventies.

Riverside Chat #12: Reflecting on Rio Americano High's 60th Anniversary

This episode is a reflection of host Alex Cosper's high school days at Rio Americano, which in 2023 celebrates its 60th anniversary. He mentions successful alumni from the school such as TV executive Channing Dungey, her younger sister Merrin, a Hollywood TV/movie actress, another actress Jane Sibbett from the TV show Friends and Tesla co-founder Marc Tarpening. He talks about how campus radio/TV station KRAT launched several media careers including his own. The discussion moves to the importance of linking local history with national history, such as how founding father Alexander Hamilton's son William is buried in Sacramento.

Riverside Chat #11: Sacramento's Connection to the JFK Assassination

Reflecting on the 60th anniversary of the JFK assassination, this episode explores puzzle pieces of the case and how ex-California Governor Earl Warren headed the investigation. Warren was governor from 1943 to 1953, then was named U.S. Chief Justice, in which he served from 1953 to 1969. He was the chief justice who swore John F. Kennedy in as president in 1961. Following the assassination in 1963, Warren was appointed head of the commission by President Johnson. This video explains how the Warren Report failed to answer important questions about the case.

Riverside Chat #10: Countering Bad News with Musical Medicine

Bad news is everywhere you turn in the broader media, but music can help reduce the stress and anxiety it causes. That's a modern perspective that many medical professionals have begun to embrace this century, in contrast with last century's view that music is strictly entertainment. It's important to remember, as this episode hosted by Alex Cosper points out, that much of today's news is controlled by investment firms with monetary interests in promoting certain stories. The episode concludes with the original Sunsetrip song about healing through music called "Sonic Rain."

Riverside Chat #9: Sacramento Radio Interviews Set to American River Scenery

This episode takes radio interviews conducted by Alex Cosper on KWOD in the 1990s set to scenery of the American River. KWOD was an alternative music station throughout the nineties through 2009. Interviews in this montage include Pearl Jam producer Brendan O'Brien, Radiohead vocalist Thom Yorke, "Weird Al" Yankovic, XTC singer/songwriter Andy Partridge, The Offspring vocalist Brian "Dexter" Holland, Boingo singer/songwriter Danny Elfman, Alanis Morissette, Juliana Hatfield, Social Distortion singer Mike Ness, Toad the West Sprocket members Glen Phillips and Dean Dinning and The Cult singer Ian Astbury.

Riverside Chat #8: Interview with Indie Musician Paull E. Rubin

Indie rock musician Paull E. Rubin from Santa Barbara visits Sacramento on his road trip up and down the west coast to promote his 2023 CD Ride On! It's the first SacTV interview with a recording artist outside of the Sacramento area. One of SacTV's goals is to bridge local California scenes together to emphasize the importance of developing a statewide circuit for indie musicians. Paull, who has crossed paths with numerous famous rock stars, talks about adventures on his road trip, including visiting public radio stations such as KVMR in Nevada City.

Riverside Chat #7: Tribute to Sacramento Filmmaker Frank Casanova

Sacramento filmmaker Frank Casanova passed away October 19, 2023. He ran a successful facility with his brother Fred called The Studio Center, which was eventually renamed Sacramento Media Center. It was located near Cal Expo through 2017 and was the birthplace of SacTV.com. A 2012 video interview series with Frank Casanova at his facility helped kick off SacTV. He came from Tucson, Arizona, where he had been a radio personality on stations such as KOLD, KIKX, KTKT and KDIA. He was also a Director at KNTV Television Channel 11. His film and video production career impacted many business clients in the Sacramento community.

Riverside Chat #6: Over The Harold Richey Bridge

This episode of SacTV's Riverside Chat series at the American River hosted by Alex Cosper talks about bridging the gap between the local music community and a music-driven economy. It includes the original song "Over The Bridge" with video footage of the Harold Richey Bridge, which connects Carmichael with Rancho Cordova. The show calls for local musicians to become more active at challenging the national charts in terms of creative marketable music. The music industry has been financially struggling for over a decade, so it needs to tap into indie music that rivals over-produced and creatively weak major label music.

Aftershock Festival Returns to Discovery Park

Several rock bands are playing the 2023 Aftershock Festival at Discovery Park on Thursday, October 5th, as reported by this KCRA 3 video. Topping the bill is Guns N' Roses on Sunday, Korn on Saturday, Tool on Friday and Avenged Sevenfold on Thursday. Other bands playing this year's 4-day festival include Incubus, Godsmack, Megadeth, Queens of the Stone Age, The Cult, Rancid and Limp Bizkit. Over 100 acts are performing on 4 stages, making it one of this year's largest concert festivals in California. It's the 11th edition of the event. Last year hit a record by attracting over 160,000 attendees.

Sacramento Ranks High in New Study on Dangerous Drivers

CBS Sacramento reported on September 25th that a new study of U.S. city traffic data reveals California's capital city ranks number 28 out of 100 cities for dangerous driving. The study was based on total fatalities, along with speeding and DUI traffic deaths. It ranked number 43 in speeding fatalities. The same study found that the safest cities for driving are New York City, Boston and Jersey City. While this clip failed to disclose the source, a July 25th online article published on CBS Sacramento's website revealed a similar study conducted by QuoteWizard. But that study ranked Sacramento as number 6 in the nation's worst drivers. A year earlier the city ranked number 2 in the QuoteWizard study of worst drivers.

Riverside Chat #5: Why Local Music Should Aim To Beat National Music

Picking up where the last episode left off, SacTV.com host Alex Cosper talks from the American River about the need for the Sacramento community to come together to support local indie music. History was made in August when independent recording artist Oliver Anthony from Virgina topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart without much radio airplay or the backing of a major label. The key was to write a social commentary song that resonated with his community. His song got mentions on local websites, which triggered stories in bigger media, causing the video to go viral, while the artist earned thousands of dollars from massive downloads and streams.

Riverside Chat #4: Sacramento Indie Music

SacTV.com host Alex Cosper talks from the American River about the history of the Sacramento music scene and the importance of indie music. This video shows a timeline infographic of recording artists that were signed to major labels out of Sacramento since the 1940s. This Riverside Chat calls for Sacramentans to embrace indie music to celebrate unique local culture. Indie music has the best opportunities of standing out by avoiding overdone songwriting formulas that flood mainstream music.

Riverside Chat #3: Richard Wyckoff Moved from Wall Street to Sacramento

Richard Wyckoff is not a household name across America, but it's well known on Wall Street. He was a publisher of the Magazine of Wall Street from the early 1900s through the roaring 20s. As a trader, he accumulated millions of dollars. Wyckoff developed a method for trading based on market observations using technical charts. He died in Sacramento during the Great Depression. Although he is not well known by Sacramentans, his trading method has been a successful strategy for many top traders in the financial industry.

Riverside Chat #2: 2023 California State Fair and Cal Expo Memories

This riverside chat recorded at the American River on August 3, 2023 reflects on the 2023 California State Fair, which set an attendance record of 65,000, according to the Sacramento Bee. Cal Expo's original water tower in 1968 appeared on the cover of the 100th issue of Sactown Magazine in July. The photo shows how the tower used to feature a red, white and blue bullseye, which triggers state fair memories of the 60s and 70s.

Cal Expo State Fair Tour 2023

Here's over three hours of video footage capturing the 2023 California State Fair at Cal Expo. This video shows activity at various booths and sites you might expect to see at a state fair. This home video was posted on YouTube by Honda Nguyen, uploaded July 15, 2023. It gives you views from all over the fairground. Although attendance at the 77th annual event looks sparse, the fair regularly attracts tens of thousands of visitors from around the state throughout its summer run.

Riverside Chat #1: Experimental Music of the Mind

SacTV.com kicks off a video series called "Riverside Chats" hosted by Alex Cosper. This first episode includes Alex's original song called "Experimental Music of the Mind" Parts 1 and 2. It's a 10-minute kaleidoscopic musical adventure set to entertaining original artwork. The main theme of this series is that the frequent setting is the American River, chosen for its local appeal and scenic beauty.

Virtual Tour of Downtown Sacramento

Storyteller Vlade has lived in Sac for 13 years. His virtual tour of Sacramento captures scenes of the State Capitol and Golden 1 Center with views of Kings fans waiting outside the arena. He also provides views of the 2-level mall near Macy's and Golden 1 Center known as Downtown Commons. He also visits Chavez Park, named after American labor leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez, a champion for farm workers. "Overall, I enjoy living here," confirms Vlade. "This place is also multi-cultural, there's people from all over the world that come down and live here."

Affordable Apartments Open on Arden Way

New affordable housing at Salvator Apartments opened on Arden Way recently in the spring of 2023, as reported by CBS News Sacramento. The opening comes at a time when new housing construction for Sacramento is expected to decline by 36% from last year. For the 120 new units available, 2,000 applications were collected. In order to qualify for the project as a tenant, the applicant needed income in the range of $50,000 to $70,000. Sacramento's median income for a family of four is $100,000, according to this report.

UC Davis Virtual Tour on a Skateboard

UC Davis student Irving Huerta produced this five and a half minute video of the campus while riding his skateboard in November 2020. The video was recorded during the pandemic, which explains why the campus appears to be lonely. Huerta takes viewers to places such as Mondavi Center, which is a lecture hall by day and concert venue by night. He also visits the UC Davis Arboretum, a scenic area that offers various amenities for students such as bike paths, gardens and waterfronts. Some of the natural scenery includes redwoods and the quad where students meet for lunch.

Local Singer Gina Miles Wins on "The Voice"

Sacramentan Gina Miles won a 6-figure recording deal from Universal Music Group on the NBC TV show The Voice on May 23, 2023. Miles was originally from the small town of Paxton, Illinois, but now calls Sacramento her home. During the two-night grand finale, Miles performed "The One That Got Away," "Skinny Love" and "Nothing Compares 2 U." This KCRA 3 clip includes an exclusive interview with Miles the day after her victory.

Sacramento Tops Forbes' List for Best Place to Live in California

Sacramento has been named California's "Best Place to Live" by Forbes. The factors that put the city on top were size, low crime rate, diversity, available activities and cost of living. CBS Sacramento reports on the story, getting soundbites from several Sacramentans about why they enjoy the city. Other reasons local residents love the area are: people and weather are great, traffic isn't that bad and education is good for kids.

American River Tour on SacTV

SacTV founder Alex Cosper hosts this video on the American River Parkway in Sacramento. This 13-minute episode was shot at William Pond Park in North Sacramento and River Bend Park in Rancho Cordova on Saturday, November 26, 2022. The two parks are divided by the Harold Richey Bike Bridge. The video also includes footage from December 2022 on the river near Cal Expo, the Fair Oaks Boulevard Bridge, the Sac State Bridge, the Howe Avenue Bridge and the Watt Avenue Bridge. The late autumn footage shows the hiking trails are covered with leaves while there are still plenty of leaves on trees, contributing to year-round scenic beauty.

City Tour By Bicycle

Here's a video from Center for Sacramento History on local movie and drive-in theaters from 1949 through 1981. It includes old scenes of people standing in line at places such as Tower Theatre, The Alhambra, Sacramento 6 Drive-In, Starlight Drive-In, Capitol Theater and The Fox Senator. Clips come from both KCRA-TV and KOVR-TV collections. This compilation includes a 1949 scene with Governor Earl Warren attending opening night at The Crest.

History of Sacramento Movie Theaters

Here's a video from Center for Sacramento History on local movie and drive-in theaters from 1949 through 1981. It includes old scenes of people standing in line at places such as Tower Theatre, The Alhambra, Sacramento 6 Drive-In, Starlight Drive-In, Capitol Theater and The Fox Senator. Clips come from both KCRA-TV and KOVR-TV collections. This compilation includes a 1949 scene with Governor Earl Warren attending opening night at The Crest.

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