video title: Cal Expo Scrapbook 2012
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published on YouTube July 29, 2012

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Cal Expo Scrapbook 2012 "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on July 29, 2012

Here's a slide show of the best photos I took of the California State Fair this summer on July 27, 2012. The presentation features a new song I wrote called "State Fair Fun." This is the instrumental acoustic guitar version. Overall, I'd give this year's state fair at Cal Expo an A-. The only thing I think that needs improvement is the food selection. Over-priced junk food still dominated the fair, which is probably typical of most state fairs. I think the growing popularity of organic food and the fact that California is a powerful agricultural state make a good argument that fruits and vegetables should be higher profile at the fair than deep fried twinkies and corn dogs. After all, agriculture is what the state fair was originally about. It would certainly help the fair's image to go more organic and less corporate. Coca-Cola is one of the fair's biggest sponsors, but even that company puts out organic drinks made by Odwalla.

It's just a suggestion, since I think it makes perfect sense for California to be more organic. I'd give it an A+ if it did. Cal Expo has a great organic claim that it needs to talk up more, which is it has North America's biggest solar parking lot. SMUD probably needs to be more in the spotlight at Cal Expo with their solar arrays. This video opens with the solar parking lot and the SMUD sign in front of the fairgrounds.

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