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published on YouTube July 19, 2008

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Bob Wilkins Promotes First State Fair at Cal Expo in 1968 "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on July 16, 2012

Exploring Cal Expo's history can sometimes lead to dark settings. Here's an interesting 1968 clip of Sacramento horror film host legend Bob Wilkins at the Old Cemetery promoting Cal Expo's first fair and his show on KCRA Channel 3. He hosted The Late Saturday Night Horror Films on Channel 3 at the time when Cal Expo opened in the summer of 1968. In this promo he mentions that Channel 3 presented free films without commercial interruptions at Cal Expo from Wednsday through Sunday at 5pm. In his classic style that fused wit and horror, he talked about burying old horror films, which included the following:

Black Sabbath
Planet of Blood
Die Monster Die
Goddess of Electra
The Monster That Ate Cincinnati
Attack of the Mushroom People
Monster From the Surf

Wilkins began working for KCRA in 1963 making commercials, then started his own late night show, Seven Arts Theater, introducing horror films starting in September 1966 through March 1970. His transition to The Bob Wilkins Double Horror Show on KTXL Channel 40 spanned from March 1970 to February 1981. He then began to commute from Sacramento to Oakiand for a similar show called Creature Features from 1971-1984 on KTVU, which was initiated by former KCRA manager Tom Breen, who had moved to KTVU. Creature Features became an instant smash in the Bay, frequenty eclipsing Saturday Night Live in the ratings. Bob Wilkins' success led to KTVU adding him as Weatherman to their 10 O'clock News line-up. It turns out future film giant George Lucas watched his Sacramento show growing up in Modesto. After leaving his show in 1981 Wilkins began to focus on his advertising agency then the following decade he moved to Reno with his family. Wilkins passed away in 2009 at the age of 76.

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