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published on YouTube July 3, 2012

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Radio Format Change "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on July 9, 2012

Can digital animation change the world?" is the name of an article I wrote for The Sacramento Press. I figure it's a legitimate question since the movie Cars ended up changing the motion picture industry and even became a ride at the Disney theme park California Adventures. Some of the best animated films including American Pop and Heavy Metal have changed the entertainment world in profound ways. As I said in the article, my earliest amibition was to be a cartoon artist but radio and music steered me into a different direction in my teen years. Radio was a fun industry for many years until deregulation in the 80s and 90s turned it into kind of a big flop. Of course, that's more fact than opinion since radio fell deep in debt when corporations were allowed to borrow billions of dollars to buy out half of American's radion statons only get chopped up by competition from the internet and other new technology.

This cartoon is a follow-up to my first animated production called "Corporate Radio Conference." Both videos can be viewed at my other site This one is based on nightmares friends have told me about working for corporate radio, which no longer values art, the community or knowledge. It's become about big sponsors and what big sponsors want, which is lots of right wing talk radio that preaches big corporate tax cuts. As I mentioned in the SacPress article, the cartoon is radical when you consider that it's peaceful, hunorous, intelligent and disruptive. The actual animation is provided by while I wrote the script. Eventually I would like to create my own animation as well.

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