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SacTV.com is my latest web creation designed to focus on the Social Arts Community, which is everything in pop culture from mainstream to indie, with an emphasis on small business. It's a site where you can find stories about alternative arts to share with the social media community.

The site originally started out as a tribute to my hometown, Sacramento. But after I moved to San Diego in 2014, I had to ask myself if I should discontinue the site, still try to keep up with Sacramento events or change the site into something else. I really couldn't just let all that hard work go to waste since I spent a few years building the site before I made the natural move to be closer to the coast.

I decided to transform the site into a wider scope of ideas beyond Sacramento while preserving all the videos I made of Sacramento. So now the site has covers a broader terrain of knowledge, ideas and art that relates to the entire world. The reason I created this site in the first place was to help give a voice to friends in my hometown. I still like the homegrown spirit and would like to tap into more regionalism in Southern California and other parts of the world.

This site will expand in many directions, mainly with videos and articles that help independent thinkers explore and enjoy the worlds of foster creativity in business, science and art. Unlike last century when business, science and art were heavily controlled by a short list of big companies, we are moving into an age in which individuals are empowered by technology. So I will be looking to interview interesting people and shoot videos of interesting places. As a musician and music fan, I want to showcase up and coming recording artists. I am also a fan of all kinds of art as well as philosophy and technology.

Alex Cosper

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